Collection of Ham Radios For Sale


I have included some other places that offer a great collection of Amateur Radio gear for sale.  These include both stores and classifieds sites that you have used gear.  Many of these are free to use and are great places to sell your own equipment.  Sometimes you can swap out your transceiver for an amplifier (or related trading) in these sites as well.


These are some of the more popular store and classifieds sites for new and used ham radios for sale.  I will try to expand this list in the future. 


Ham Radios For Sale - Ham Seller is a great classifieds site to check out (it's free) that also includes a reviews section as well.  You can sometimes find some great deals here and you can post your on items too.


I don't recommend many of the other free for all non-amateur radio sites as there is no accountability on the them.  So don't use other sites that allow anyone to post without a call sign.  With a FCC licensed ham, you know who you're dealing with and can both verify the name and address whom you're sending payment too (less risk).  So don't rely on those sites that are general in nature or allow postings without using callsigns.